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Frank's Classic Car Garage

Whether it is the sound of engine power, the sight of beautiful lines, the feel of the front seat, or the whole package that takes you back to a much simpler time – we all have a connection and love for cars. It is this appetite for cars and connecting people to the right car for them is the foundation of Frank’s Classic Car Garage.  

We keep business simple and focus on distinctive cars & exceptional customer service. We are a full service car destination – buy, sell, and trade vintage cars.

  • Dreamers: I have found that many of have a car in our minds that we have always wanted to own, but unsure how to find it, what a fair price is, and how to actually get it to your destination. We listen to what that dream car may look like for you and pair it with what we have in stock or find what you are looking for specifically. 
  • Investors:  During these economic tumultuous times, cars are worthwhile investments that can yield stronger returns then stock market, real estate, or cds. Drive your investment today and sell tomorrow and upgrade into a more premium classic car or two.
  • Car Enthusiasts: For those of you who love to collect cars or know a car-lover, our diverse inventory is sure to add value to your collection or make the perfect unforgettable gift.

 If we don’t have what you are looking for, I’ll find it for you. If you are looking to trade or sell a car, Im simply a phone call away to learn about your automotive. A strong muscle car or classic convertible or regal Packard can bring a lot of fun and pose as a strong venture.

With 35+ years of business experience, cars & people is what I truly enjoy and why I founded Frank’s Classic Cars. It is this simplicity and focus on doing what’s right for you is what I am here for.


Look forward to talking to you soon.


Frank Yaksitch

President & CEO

Frank’s Classic Cars